The Original Magic Wand — The Pros and Cons

The Hitachi Magic Wand isn’t really for everybody. This is a high-quality, effective vibrator that certainly has some disadvantages.


Legendary Power that runs all evening! (OK 25 minutes on, 30 minutes cool, 25 minutes on, 30 minutes cool … repeat as preferred!) The large distinction below is that it plugs into the wall surface as opposed to making use of a battery. Likewise– no batteries to get!
Strong glossy plastic product and also vinyl head are resilient. This should be a long-term financial investment.
Easy to cleanse with simply soap and also water
Could make use of any kind of lube including premium silicone lubes that can not be used with silicone toys
Affordable price for this power. The market is fairly competitive with great deals of dealerships. The majority of toe the line on pricing and also are prohibited from advertising marked down pricing (among the methods you could spot counterfeits). Luckily I have worked out some unique unique price cuts for site visitors to this site that will allow you order an authentic Magic Wand Original at a discounted price.
ORGASMS GALORE! Also for ladies who have never ever had an orgasm or find it hard.
Plausible Deniability. Vibrator? No I require it for my back/ shoulders/ neck.
Likewise works with your back/ shoulders/ neck and also anywhere else you may have muscle pain.
Bunches and also Tons of pleased owners.


Could just be used in The United States and Canada. The motor (according to): hitachi magic wand on the magic wand is not made to run on anything aside from North American voltage and also it threatens to make use of adapters even though great deals of individuals seem to want to market them to you. Check out the Doxy Wand or the Lelo Smart Wand if you want a powerful wand but live outside of The United States and Canada. Lovehoney has an excellent selection of Magic Wand choices across a range of price points.

It plugs in so it is NOT WATERPROOF. Don’t also think of using this in the shower or bath. You’ll kill the massager and also on your own. The Lelo Smart Wand is a rechargeable water resistant option.
It has a cord that could obstruct– See the Magic Wand Rechargeable which has actually come to be a top seller for the cordless crowd.

A little bit loud– with all that power comes a little bit of a whine but on the bright side it’s quite high-pitched and also doesn’t travel via wall surfaces quickly. Nevertheless, you may want to look somewhere else if you live with your mother-in-law or a roommate … and also you embarrass quickly. Certainly, you could always claim to be using it on your sore muscle mass.
The resonances are high-frequency. This could be great or bad depending on your choice. Some individuals like a reduced, rumbly vibration and also would certainly like the Lelo Smart wand over the Hitachi Magic Wand. That is simply personal choice.
Heavy. The Magic Wand Original is a durable beast that evaluates in at 1.2 extra pounds. Is that a trouble for you? Possibly, perhaps not.
The Fakes Problem. Simply make certain you buy from a trusted, accredited supplier. Avoid and also amazon where you’re playing Perilous with Counterfeits. As well as remember– if you see an ad guaranteeing a discounted Magic Wand– 99 times out of 100 it is mosting likely to be a knock-off. Don’t be misleaded.